Grandmaster D.W. Kang

Dong Won Kang is a United States National Treasure. He is one of only a few ninth degree Black Belts in existence. Tulsa has been fortunate to have Grandmaster Kang teach here since 1971. During this time, Grandmaster Kang has produced over 5,000 Black belts.

Master Bong Kang

Bong Kang began teaching at the age of 13, enjoying all aspects of martial arts and what it can offer to students of all ages. 100's of students from the area have risen to the coveted level of Black Belt rank through the skillful tutelage by Master Kang.

Sung Kang

Sung is a Head Instructor at Kang's and is one of the top athletes in the area. His vast knowledge of both the sport on an Olympic level and TaeKwonDo as an art is overwhelming and is a vital resource here at Kang's. Students enjoy working with Sung as he has produced a countless number of blackbelts and fierce competitors out of Tulsa.