D.W. Kang

Grandmaster D.W. KANG

A Tae Kwon-do Grandmaster, Dong Won Kang is a United States National Treasure. He is one of only a few ninth degree Black Belts in existence. Tulsa has been fortunate to have Grandmaster Kang teach here since 1971. During this time, Grandmaster Kang has produced over 5,000 Black belts. This in itself, requires at least five years of study and hard work from each student.

As A Teacher

Of Grandmaster D.W. Kang's 5,000+ Black Belts, several have started their own schools while others have competed and won accolades throughout the World. As an accomplished Business man, Builder, Lecturer and Natural Healer, Mister Dong Won Kang continues to provide a positive influence to thousands of lives. However, there is much more to Grandmaster Kang than just kicking and hitting, he is also responsible for giving thousands of students the values that TakeKwonDo is founded upon. Things like, how to help one another and never quit. Grandmaster Kang’s students have learned TaeKwonDo is a valuable key to successful living. It is a coveted key once earned, to be taken with them as they journey through life.