Sparring at KANGS

We offer fun and effective sparring withing any level of skill here at KANGS. Focusing on Olympic style sparring, we have produced champions on the Olympic International and National levels. Focusing on philospphy as much as technique, we develop top tier athletes to compete on a world class level. The skills and techniques we teach to develop these athletes is the best in the area.

Not really the "competitive"type? No problem! Our sparring is taught to advanced and beginners alike, at all skill and age levels! Sparring is essential to learning TaeKwonDo and yourself but rest assured, our instructors make it a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone!

"When I joined KANGS I never thought I would be the physical type. I just wanted to get in shape! Now I can't wait to meet up with my friends and learn new techniques with them head to head. I found a competitive spirit inside me that I never knew I had. Now at work, I have the confidence I need to earn a promotion!"

-Joanna Fredricks, 2nd year student

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